My Library

One of my hobbies is reading. I enjoy all different types of books: biographies, historical non-fiction, fantasy novels, crime/law novels, business books, etc. I may go weeks without reading a book, but then finish a few in 2 or 3 weeks. Was this considered the original form of binging?

In 2019, I started to keep a list of books I have read recently, both to keep a running catalog of books read and my initial impressions and also to motivate myself to keep adding titles to the list. In 2019 I definitely set my reading record as an adult with 14 books, so hoping to beat that in 2020.

I read almost exclusively on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Special thanks to the free e-books available at the public libraries in the past cities I have lived (or have friends): Columbus, Dallas, Menlo Park, and Memphis. If you have any recommendations for books I may enjoy, please let me know!

See the books I've ready by year, as well as my initial impressions!

2020 Books Read

2019 Books Read