Other Recipes

As has been mentioned, most of the family recipes are desserts, so I have had to do a bit of independent research to find recipes for the other meals. There is an infinite number of recipes and food suggestions available online that I have used to fill that void. Below are links to other sites for the recipes that have turned out great and started to enter the Morris family rotation.

  • Brownies - Over the years (and especially during college/grad school), baking brownies from the box were a go-to dessert to hit that chocolate craving. Once we realized brownies did not have to be from a box, we tried a few recipes online and this one turned out the best!
  • Crock-Pot Gumbo - After receiving our first CSA fruit and vegetable delivery, we found ourselves with Okra for the first time. This recipe turned out to be a great use of it. Note, have made it with both Andouille sausage and Hot Italian Sausage as a substitute.
  • Hummus - While hummus isn’t my favorite, it is a staple of Sarah’s diet. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to see if we could make it ourselves, and it turns out it’s not too difficult. Be sure not to use too much garlic like I did once accidentally!
  • Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies - After Sarah took some desserts into the office one day, some of her coworkers were excited to share their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, and asked us to bake them and be an impartial judge as to the best. The recipes basically varied a lot in the brown sugar to white sugar ratio, and was a lesson into how this chemistry affects the end result. These giant cookies were by far our favorites.
  • Pupusas - Again, in 2020 we have had a lot of time to try new things. One thing we wanted to make ourselves was corn tortillas. We used Maseca corn flour, and they turned out great. This led us to branch out and try pupusas, and they were delicious.
  • Salsa (Rojo o Verde) - Homemade salsa was one of the first recipes we searched for after we moved to the Bay Area and were settled. We had been spoiled with great salsas in San Diego so we wanted to try to make our own. This youtube video inspired our own versions of the salsa. Depending on the season and area, we substituted serrano peppers for chili de arbol. We would then make half the salsa a red salsa, with a few extra peppers, and then for the other half, add the avacado to make a lighter salsa verde.